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Minority Cell


The minorities of our society including Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and others exhibit deficits and deprivation in practically all dimensions of development. The same may be true with some variation in case of the other minorities. For eradication of social disparities, various provisions were made in the Indian Constitution. Our Constitution enshrined democratization as one of the main objectives of education and anticipated the democratic expansion of education to serve social and economic upward mobility. Indeed, historically education was confined to certain sections of the society and did exclude large sections of the population, making it highly undemocratic in matters of access. This exclusion in education created ever expanding disparities that adversely affected the disadvantaged groups of the society. Since higher education is a tool for social and economic equality, the UGC has been addressing national concerns of access, equality, while ensuring the standard of quality and relevance of education by implementing policies of the Government of India and promoting several schemes and programmes for the disadvantaged groups that would help in eliminating social disparities.

Minority Cell in Belda College functions with the aim of protecting the minority communities in the institution. The cell strives to provide facilities for the empowerment of various minority groups in terms of religious and linguistic identities. The cell encourages students to connect with various policies and financial support provided by governmental and non-governmental agencies. It also facilitates in conducting events and programmes for promoting minority communities in the institution.

Constitution of Minority Cell, Belda College

Sl. No.

Name of Members


Position in Cell


 Dr. Manabendra Mondal        

Principal, Belda College



 Dr. Sajahan Seikh         

Asst. Professor of Mathematics



 Dr. Kamal Hussain                

Asst. Professor of Physics



 Prof. Sahin Sahari

Asst. Professor of Education



 Mr. Sujoy Kr Singh                       




 Ms. Muskan Jain

Student, Dept. of English

Student Member


 Mr. Saiful Khan

Student, Dept. of Physics

Student Member


  1. To oversee the effective implementation of policies and programmes for the students from minority communities.
  2. To ensure provisions for an environment where all such students feel safe and secure.
  3. To provide guidance and counselling to students from minority communities with respect to academic, financial, social and other matters and to enhance the diversity within the campus.
  4. To implement policies and schemes proposed by the State Government, Central Government and UGC for the welfare of students from minority communities.
  5. To provide equal opportunities for the academic development of the minorities.
  6. To ensure protection and reservation as provided in the constitution of India.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. To function as a Grievances Redressal Cell for the grievances of minority students to render them necessary help in solving academic as well as administrative problems.
  2. To provide special opportunities to enhance the career growth of these students.
  3. To conduct the programme for disseminating the scholarship schemes provided by governmental agencies and other sources.
  4. To guide the students to enrol in career-oriented programmes that will empower their professional skills.
  5. To facilitate financial support to students from minority communities from governmental agencies and other sources.
  6. To apprise the minority students regarding various scholarships program of state and central Government.
  7. To make efforts to sensitize the academic community regarding the problems associated with social exclusion as well as aspirations of the marginalized communities.
  8. To ensure equity and equal opportunity to the minority community at large in the college and bring about social inclusion.
  9. To enhance the diversity among the students, teaching and non-teaching staff population and at the same time eliminate the perception of discrimination.
  10. To investigate the grievances of the students from minority communities and suggest amicable solution to their problems.
  11. To prepare barrier free formalities/procedures for admission/ registration of students belonging to the minority communities.
  12. To organize periodic meetings to monitor the progress of different schemes.

Eligibility Criteria for Reservation for SC/ST/OBC in Higher Education

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