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Vision & Mission



Our vision is to transform our institution into a center of excellence in the arena of higher education and contribute to the inclusive development of the country by generating quality human resources. The college aims at the holistic development of the young learners and hopes to mould them into future citizens of the nation who are dependable, honest, committed and possess a sound value system.

            The vision of the Institution is to instill among the learners a deep- rooted pride in being Indian, not only in thought, but also in spirit, intellect, and deeds, as well as to develop knowledge, skills, values, and dispositions that support responsible commitment to human rights, sustainable development and living, and global well-being, thereby reflecting a truly global citizen.




  1. To provide quality education to the students who basically belong to the socially and economically disadvantaged section of the society.
  2. To contribute to the socio-economic change and sustainable development of the adjoining areas by imparting higher education to rural people, women and backward class people.
  3. To emphasize the holistic development of a student’s personality and character to make a responsible citizen of the nation.
  4. To inculcate discipline, patriotism, spirit of mutual co-operation and sense of social responsibility among the students through NCC and NSS programme.
  5. To sensitize the students towards human rights, gender, environmental and ecological through arrangement of seminars, plantation programme, medicinal plants’ garden, use of solar etc.
  6. To impart value education, coupled with scientific knowledge, and create good future citizens for the country with competence, commitment, conscience, and compassion.
  7. To enrich learning experience through introduction of ICT-enabled teaching.
  8. To organize seminars, special lectures, and workshops in emerging areas for the benefit of students.
  9. To promote awareness of our heritage and culture.
  10. To work for the implementation of the objectives of NEP 2020