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Rules & Regulations

General Rules:

  • Readers should observe strict silence inside the Library.

  • Use of Mobile phone is not permitted inside the Library premises.

  • Users are not allowed to carry eatables/drinks inside the Library premises.

  • Library membership card is non-transferable.

  • Readers are not allowed to bring their personal books or any printed material (spiral/bound book/photocopied material) inside the Library.

  • Personal belongings like bags (shoulder, sling), umbrellas, etc. should be deposited at the counter . These are not allowed inside the Library.

  • Readers are advised not to leave their valuable items like money, passport, credit card, mobile phone etc. at the Counter.

  • Marking, scratching, damaging, mutilating, stealing, library materials or property will invite disciplinary action against the defaulters.

  • Readers should not carry books from one floor to another and should leave the books on the reading table after consulting.

  • Readers should not talk or discuss as they may disturb other readers. Reading rooms are meant for individual study and research only.

  • Users should not rest or keep their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, etc.

  • The library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of the personal belongings of the users.

  • Library staff shall not transmit telephone calls or other personal messages to the readers.

  • The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or with any other member.

  • Documents taken out of the shelves must be left on the table. Replacing the books on shelves is not encouraged as it may get misplaced. Misplaced book is like a lost book.

  • A non-member can use the library material on the premises with the permission of the Librarian.

  • Newspapers, magazines and journals must be read only in the library on specific tables and should not be taken to any other reading areas.

  • No library material can be taken out of the library without permission. Unauthorized removal of anything belonging to the library will be treated as theft and dealt accordingly.

  • Members may kindly inform the library immediately of any change in their contact address, contact no. including email etc.

  • Suggestions on all aspects of library services are welcome.

  • All faculty, staff & scholars of Belda College are entitled to become library members.

  • Guest faculty and casual staff  may be enrolled as library member on the recommendations of the Principal, Belda College

  • Membership is allowed only after submitting a duly filled in and signed membership form. The members are supposed to be conversant with and agreeable to the Library rules.

  • Some eminent academicians/scholars and other dignitaries may be enrolled as Special Guest members on the recommendations of the Principal, Belda College.



  • No books will be issued during the examination period.
  • Any faculty, staff or scholar can reserve books at the Circulation Counter in case they are already issued.
  • Books in demand may not be renewed.
  • Readers are responsible for books issued against their names.
  • Library reserves the right to recall any issued book even before the due date.
  • Those Books having less copies (only one or two) in the library, are not for home issue. Those are only for consultation in the library premises.
  • The material such as rare books, theses, dissertations, loose issues of periodicals etc. marked for consultation shall not be issued.
  • Borrowers must satisfy about the physical condition of the books before borrowing otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage later or at the time of return.
  • The borrowers are requested to make sure that the books are properly issued or returned.
  • Members are held responsible for all items issued on their name, until they are returned by the respective members.
  • While leaving the Library every user/member should ensure that they carry only those books that are duly issued on their names.
  • Every member without fail must return all books and other material taken from the Library and clear the pending dues, if any on or before 30th May of every year for the Library stock-taking.
  • Every teaching and non teaching staff on entering the Library will write his/her name, with other details in the register kept at the counter for the purpose and will sign the register.
  • Every teaching and non teaching staff will write his/her name in Internet access register while using the Internet facility.
  • Users are divided into the following categories - their entitlements, maximum number of books and number of days of issue is proposed in the following table.


SI. No.

Member's Category

Maximum Number of Books can be issued

Issuing Period



(Department having UG Course only)


90 days



(Department having UG & PG Course )


90 days


Govt. Approved PTT.


90 days


Guest Faculty

As per the permission given by the Principal, Belda College.

90 days


Non Teaching Staff


90 days


Casual Staff

As per the permission given by the Principal, Belda College.

30 days


Special Guest Members

As per the permission given by the Principal, Belda College.

15 days


Honours Student


30 days


General Student


30 days

Overdue charges

  1. The overdue charges 50 paisa per day.
  2. After the expiry of sixty days the defaulter has to pay the price of the latest edition of the book plus overdue charges for the period the book is kept without authorization
  3. Membership shall be suspended for repeated delay in returning the books.

Fine for damage or lost of books/journals

  • If a user lost or damage library book, he/she has to replace the lost book by new book or pay the present double price of the lost book.
  • If it is a rare book or it is not available in the present market then user have to pay the five time of the last known price of the book.