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As Swami Vivekananda said, everyone born into this world has a bent; a direction towards which he must go through which he must live and what is true of the individual is equally true of the race. Eac...

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“Belda could not dream of a college without Kedarnath Das”.

The day 16th August in the year 1963 is a conspicuous landmark amongst the people of Belda. Through the untiring and selfless efforts of Kedarnath Das and N. G.Dutta, the then B.D.O., Narayangarh, Belda College was established on that day and Kedar babu became the first Founder Secretary of this institution. Belda Satyanarayana Mandir Committee and Deuli Sudhir Primary School Committee came forward to donate handsome money and land without which this institution of higher education would never have seen the light of the day.